Clone Windows 7 Ultimate to 4T HD

How to clone Windows 7 Ultimate from 240 SSD MBR to 4T HD GPT on UEFI MB.

Acronis converts 4T GPT to 2T MBR + 1.7T.

I want only one partition on 4T (3.7T) drive if possible.
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  1. If you want only a single partition to fill the entire drive, it has to be GPT, since MBR only supports partitions up to 2.2 TB:
  2. The 4T drive is GPT as listed twice in the original post. The mother board is UEFI (for those that may post the MB needs to be UEFI).

    Acronis software should be able to clone from MBR to the 4T GPT drive. But it does not seem to work properly. I also tried DiskWizard Acronis as well.

    I must be doing something wrong and may require step by step instruction.
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    Acronis does not convert from MBR to GPT since GPT requires a different partition structure than MBP.

    I found this info:

    It seems you have to create an backup image first. I have never tried this.
  4. From your first post:

    "How to clone Windows 7 Ultimate from 240 SSD MBR"

    So the source drive IS MBR according to that. How do you expect a clone from it to be GPT?
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