Swapped Mother board and cpus and I made a mistake

Ok so I took an AMD cpu and mother board set up out of a computer and swapped it out with an Intel cpu and mother board set up.
I was lazy and i didnt do a fresh install of windows. Instead i attempted to uninstall everything, but as the idiot i am, i started deleting folders first instead of programs.... (derp) My mistake on that, so now i have a program called "AMD Catalyst Instal manager" which won't uninstall, because i deleted the folder... so im kind of lost being that i dont have any driver discs or would even know where to look to repair the folders i erased.

Secondly I have several GPU folders from the ATI gpu that was installed with the previous set up, that will not uninstal because it says that they are in use, and i cannot find/will not allow me to end the processes in my task manager.

I really dont want to back up my files and do a fresh restart of windows because i move a cross the country in 2 days, im just hoping some one can help push me in the right direction to fix my mistakes.
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  1. If the folders were not too big in file size, maybe they are still in the recycle bin, have you checked there?
  2. I emptied it... My main concern now is removing the Catalyst instal manager. I removed gpu tweak with a 3rd part uninstaller, but i still have an "ATI Technologies folder" that wont delete, and its process wont end... currently researching in there's anything i have to look for in regedit.
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    You can try downloading and running the AMD Clean Uninstall tool. It can remove ALL AMD software from the PC, including drivers for video card, audio, chipsets, CPUs / APUs, Catalyst Control Center, Install Manager...etc.
  4. Ugh i should have figured there was an executable for this... i have a bad habit of trying to deal with all of my computer issues manually, often forgetting computers can work for me.. Thank you.
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