QUICK QUESTION: Corsair air 540 or NZXT h440?


I just cant decide which of these two cases i should pick? Pricing is similiar, im looking for good cable management and overall looks, im not planning on adding open loop water cooling or something like that, maybe liquid cooling like h100i. What would you choose?
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    The question is, what are you valuing in a case. With these two, you have to pick noise, or airflow. The included fans in the Corsair Air 540 are not loud by any means, but with a case as open as it is, you have nothing to dampen the sound. It has a high level of mesh. It also doesn't include a PSU dust filter nor a top dust filer (top isn't too important if you have an h100i in pull, otherwise dust will fall right in) You can buy these from demciflex and they are great. It does have excellent airflow, and excellent cable management. It also is quite unique.

    The H440 is more of a quiet case. It will feature great cable management and looks, but it suffers from lack of airflow. Any top fans will have to fight to get air out (though you probably would be fine, you just would get the hot air out and away as fast. the front fans will also struggle a bit to get air in, as the front only has a slight place for air to come in. This could be changed with some static pressure optimized fans such as Silverstone AP's or Noctua NF-F12's. If you have components that output a lot of heat such as an AMD 290/290x, this would not be the case for you (unless you got the stock card, which is not a good idea).

    If I has to pick one, I would get the Air 540. That is simply because my components are quiet, and I do not need sound dampening. All I need to do is have my fans run at a medium speed. BUT, I would have to change somethings. I would replace the dust filters with some from Demciflex or Silverstone. I am not a fan of Corsair Dust filters. Remember this is just my personal preference. If I had a single 120 or 140mm CPU all in one liquid cooler, I would have been fine with the H440.

    So what it really comes down to, is what is more important. Is it ultimate silence, or is it amazing airflow?
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