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I have 2 identical desktop machines running Windows Vista. I purchased SSDs for them and installed them. On machine #1 everything worked fine. On machine #2 I could not get the Windows CD/DVD to work - It would just spin and then I would get a no OS found message. I took the CD/DVD drive out and installed the known good one from machine #1, still could not get it to function. I put the drive from #2 into #1 and the CD/DVD drive worked fine.
Since they are identical, I loaded Windows on the SDD on machine #1 and then moved it into machine #2. Everything works fine except the CD/DVD drive.
Machine #2 can see the CD/DVD drive in the BIOS and I have updated the drivers in Windows. Still have the issue. I then noted that these machines came with Roxio burning software. I installed the software and now the drive can read Factory CD/DVDs. It sees all CDR/DVR discs as blank regardless of what is on them. If I uninstall Roxio, the drive will not read anything.
I tried the Microsoft fix of deleting the upper and lower filters with no luck.
I uninstalled / re-installed several times with no joy.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. update you OS...
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    Have you checked the data cable and power connection? Could be the port the drive is connected to on machine #2 is bad. Is the drive connected to an IDE or SATA port? Have you tried connecting the drive to another port? Updating your OS, as suggested by prorama, is not likely to solve the problem as it appears to be hardware related.
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