Best PSU, Seasonic s12g or M12II or X-GOLD 650W or Antec HCG 620W?

Hey there people :)

Seasonic S12G or M12II or X-GOLD 650W or Antec HCG 620W
Its basically what a store in my country has. Well and the lower thier Corsairs.

I need it for I7 4790, Asus H97, single GPU(760 or 770), Max 2 HDD's no SSD.

I currently have Enermax Liberty 620W, for 7-8 years, works stable, and 550 ti, stress tested it with Prime95 and Valley benchmark at the same time and the 12v rail was minimum at 11.821v, rest was ok. Could i maybe still use it?
I know Seasonic makes their own PSU's and this HCG ones too. Any other considerations?

Thanks guys!
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    Either one should do a good job. I wouldn't trust your old PSU, since it is so old and you want everything to go smooth I assume. It may not be able to properly power a high end GPU from today either, if there isn't enough power on the 12v rail. On the sticker, what does it say total for the 12v rail and how many of them are there? Some have multiple rails and some have seperate rails that are shared.
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