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My segate hard drive,in which I previously partitioned into 2 parts.. C and D respectively (50 and 30 GB) now cannot be read by the computer. Only 30GB hard drive partition is shown when i tried to rein-stall windows XP again.. the 50 GB hard drive giving me no access to it.. nor it is being shown in console nor in delete partition section during installation.. please tell me how to make it visible.. thank you
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    have you tried Diskpart?
  2. NO , I have solved the issue and I dont know how.. I just used my kaspersky disc to boot and after it booted.. i scanned the disc area with the files.. till then i could not see any disc in there.. there after , i entered the root menu using the same rescue disc.. and deleted what ever i could.. mainly the roots and path and even the folder in which the drives were supposed to be shown.. after deleting them the main Kaspersky rescue platform was stuck to the main page and I found I actually had deleted some installation of kaspersky temp as well..

    I soon restarted the computer with the power button.. and found it so surprising to see my hard drive visible in one piece again.. .. although it showed me 76GB of free space.. instead of 80 GB..

    But some how it worked.. You will understand it better what actually I might have done.. !! I deleted all the missing path and hidden corrupt files unknowingly.. :-D .. AM so LUCKY.. it took me 3 hours to get it working again..

    thank you for your reply..
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