keyboard button gets stuck in game only. not hardware issue..

Hello everyone. I have a weird problem i have been having. When I am in a game that requires multiple keys to be pressed at the same time one of the buttons seems to get stuck. Example is the new watch dogs. ONLY when I am in combat, using WASD, CTRL, Shift and the mouse buttons one of the WASD keys gets "stuck" and its like i am auto running.

I dont think this is a physical keyboard problem because it does not happen when typing or doing normal work on the computer.

The only time I can duplicate the problem is when I am in game. This has happened in watch dogs and in Counter strike GO.

Anyone heard of this? have a fix?

Thank you guys!!!
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  1. I searched online and found some people have the same problem. No resolution was found on their issues also. I am lost on what I should do.
  2. same for me, do you deal with that?
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