Inspiron 1501 fit an AMD Turion 64 x2?

Hello, I recently received a free laptop (Inspiron 1501) and was looking into upgrade options. I know this laptop is kinda dated, but PLEASE-Don't Suggest I Get A New Laptop. I was wondering if anyone could help me verify that this AMD Turion 64 x2 would fit it? It's Socket S1G1, just as the laptop (I believe). Would BIOS be a problem?
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  1. It really isn't worth it. All OEMS have a small upgrade list and laptops are especially finiky. On top of that the performance difference won't be huge. Plus there is probably no easy way to upgrade the CPU without tearing the whole laptop apart. I would just use what you have. If it's that slow you would be better off just getting a new laptop.
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