my laptop has the blue screen unmountable boot volume error and it doesn't have a disc drive, how can I use windows recovery?

I have put the xp recovery on usb but I don't know how to boot from the usb
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    Windows XP can be installed from a USB key. This may be required if the optical drive is not working on the PC or if the user has a netbook. Then, Windows XP can be required to be booted from a USB flash drive. For this, a bootable USB key must be created. This process requires certain requirements like a USB key with a capacity of 1 or 2 GB, an official CD of the Windows OS, WinSetupFromUSB software and a PC with both a USB key and a CD ROM drive. Additionally, the key must be fast to avoid interruptions during the installation procedure and most importantly the configuration of the system must accept the boot on the USB key. Once XP is downloaded, the user can proceed to install the XP with this key.

    1.Creating your bootable USB key
    2.Installing XP

    1.Creating your bootable USB key:

    First of all, you will need:
    A USB key (capacity: 1 or 2 GB)
    A Windows XP CD (official version)
    A PC with a CD player and a USB key
    The WinSetupFromUSB software:

    You need to make sure that:
    Your USB key is bootable
    Your machine allows you to boot from your USB key (check the BIOS)
    Your key is fast enough to avoid delays during installation of the OS

    Installing XP

    Once downloaded, run the installation software and follow the installation wizard. At the end of the installation, the software will launch.
    Insert your Windows XP CD into the CD ROM drive and click Browse
    Enter the destination path on the PC
    Select your CD ROM with the Windows XP in and click OK
    Click Refresh and then go to the small arrow just to the left and select the USB key that you used to boot XP
    Select Fixed
    Ciick Go to begin the procedure
    Once the process is complete, close the program

    Installing Windows XP:
    Connect the USB key to your computer and enter the BIOS
    Set your BIOS to boot the PC from the USB key
    Once done, save and restart your PC
    Here, you'll have two lines in the GRUB menu
    The first is to select the startup of the installation procedure
    The second line will be for the rest of the installation and the first boot of Windows XP
    Therefore boot on the USB key until Windows XP is fully installed
    Follow the installation instructions as for a normal installation
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