Asus sabertooth 990fx R2.0 grounding issues

This motherboard I is retarded. I recently got a case switch from a fractal design r4 to a old lian li pc a77f case. Now here's the problem: First, my motherboard has a red cpu_led light that flashed/blinked once and then ten seconds later again with an automatic shutoff. So I took out and in rescrewed and retightened (I tried different levels of strength of tightening) everything. I also forgot to mention I'm using mixed screws to attach my mobo to my standoffs. Some of them came with my fractal design r4 and some are in an old plastic baggie I found deep in my storage. Anyways would this help my problem by replacing all those screws with this?:

Anyways I take the mobo out and put it on my desk and it boots PERFECTLY fine. And yes I tried and checked to make sure all my cables are good. So after 4 times of taking it I do everything slowly, checking each screw to see if it boots, it all worked so well until I gently put my graphics card in. And no its not an issue with the graphics card. Since I needed to use a little force while putting it in, it messed up. So I did the same thing again WITH the graphics card installed on the board. Then when I plugged the cables it got messed up. Now after trial and error, it only boots when its not in the case. And now its giving me a solid red CPU_LED and doesn't even turn off. The buttons or nothing works to turn it off. Unless I take it out of the case. Any ideas? Any more questions? I'm so tired of this board. I can provide a video and pictures of the screws/board/case.

And one more thing, some of the circles where you put your standoff has these metal hemisphere's that go in a circle around or under the standoff screw.. And some of them are missing. Idk how.
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  1. The screws aren't your problem. If I read your problem correctly, I would put something non-conductive between the GPU case mount bracket and the expansion bay, and then test again to see if you've got more than one short.

    Another area i'm concerned with is the mounting holes for the mobo. Just to remove anymore doubt, I'd replace those circular barriers.
  2. What do you mean circular barriers? When I was talking about circles I mean this:

    Notice how only a third of the circle is covered with that metal circle? Is that fixable?
  3. Well I took the bracket off the GPU, to make sure it didn't conduct anything. Even when taking the gfx card out it doesn't do anything.

    Anyways.... I just said f*** it I'm going to install all the screws and cables while its ON so first attempt I turned it on and I heard a spark/zap noise and it shut off. I got scared. But I moved the mobo in a different position and bam it turned on, I screwed in everything and put in all my cables. It seems to boot fine. But was the zap a capacitor being blown or something? Idk. Its working. Was this a safe way to go? Or did it mess my board up more???
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    Probably not. Capacitors make a distinctive poping sound, and with that sound you'll see the gas inside spray; this is very noticible.

    The spark is more likely caused by the ground problem you were facing earlier. At the risk of causing you to relive the "no display" issue, I strongly recommend removing the mobo to check for any signs of burns.
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