What game should i choose from the Radeon Silver rewards?

I recently got a Sapphire Radeon r9 270x 4gb oc, and found out that you get 2 free games from their list. What should I get? These are the ones I would like, but don know which two to choose:
Tomb Raider
Dirt 3
Deus X Human Revolution
Just Cause 2
Payday 2
Dark Siders 2
Dark Siders
(any other game from the list you would recommend, please tell me, thanks)
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    Thief and Tomb raider.
    You can get just cause 2 for around $4 basically everywhere (it is a great game).
  2. Probably Theif and Tomb Raider (since they are probably the most expensive to buy and good games) but be sure to try out Deus X Human Revolution its a pretty cool game, Deus X HR comes pretty cheap on steam sales.
  3. I have a coupon waiting as well (bought the same card) but Darksiders 2 and Tomb Raider are awesome games. I am hanging on to my code for Murdered: Two Souls which comes out in June.
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