Plz Help! Can't Update Nvidia Drivers gtx760

Hello Forum,
Yesterday I updated my motherboard to accommodate my second GTX 760 for SLI. I installed the motherboard drivers and everything was peachy. Later when trying to activate SLI mode through the Nvidia control panel my resolution changed to that of Safe Mode, or something comparably pixelated. Assuming this was an issue with the Video card drivers, I popped in the disc that came with the second video card. I ran the program through its paces and was left with the default GeForce Experience, and the stock drivers for the card.

Things seemed okay at that point, except for the fact that the old drivers didn't let me play the modern games I have without crashing (BF4, WatchDogs) though I could play SC2 just fine.

So I tried to update the drivers through the GeForce experience: Epic Fail! Every time I do this, it is able to find the latest driver: 337.88 WHQL. I can start the download, but never finish it. It just runs through to the end, showing a full download, but continues to download at 0.00 MB/sec indefinitely.

After trying this repeatedly to the same effect I tried manually uninstalling the GeForce experience and trying again: Same issue. I even tried manually downloading the driver from the Nvidia website and I get the same issue: the download stops just before completion and I'm left with an incomplete file.

I do not understand the problem at all, and am almost at the point of selling my video cards at loss and abandoning Nvidia forever. Plz help

This is my rig:
Windows 7 Professional
i5 3570k
P877 -VLK
8gb DDR Ram
Nvidia GTX 760 x 2
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    If you fitted a different motherboard it could be a Windows issue. You are supposed to reinstall Windows from scratch after a motherboard change.
  2. Ty. Trying that now
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