PC Turns on and then shuts off

Well, I built a new system last month

Motherboard: Gigabyte Z87 HD3
CPU: Intel i5 4670K
RAM: Corsain Vengeance 2x4gb
GPU: ASUS Radeon HD 7870
PSU: Corsair GS700
and i used a very old WD hdd 500gb with Windows 7 and my system worked flawlessly without a single problem

But sadly my hdd died so i decided to buy WD hdd 1tb black and install windows 8.1

Yesterday the hdd came and I installed the windows without any problems, i left it all night for updates and some games to install and later this afternoon i shut it down completely for the first time.
Sometime later I turned on my pc again and this is where all my problems began:

My pc turned on for about 3 seconds then shut off then turned on again and shut off again, this happened for about 4 times and then managed to boot with a message MAIN BOOT CORRUPTED and started loading a backup boot and all worked perfectly, but now every time i shutdown my computer the same thing happens all the time. I removed the battery so cmos can reset, but it didn't fix a thing.
Do anyone know what may cause this?
(Sorry for my english)
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    I would just reinstall Windows and watch it if that does not work you can start troubleshooting parts but its probably just Windows.
  2. I did as you said, I reinstalled windows and it was ok, but later I installed intel drivers and I had that problem again, after some searching I found that the problem was intel graphics driver, I uninstalled this driver and now my computer runs normally

    Thanks for your opinion, it was not a motherboard problem as I was fearing
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