Is it safe to delete Windows.old folder under Windows 8?


I have recently upgraded to Windows 8 and I can see that there's a Windows.old folder on my HDD. I had like to know if it is safe to delete this folder or not.


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  1. It is safe just make sure you have all of your personal files
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    Yes, it is safe to delete it. This folder actually contains your data from the previous Windows version. If you had like to restore anything from that version, you need to keep it. However, if you don't need it and would like to have extra hard disk space, then you can delete it. Here's an article that shows you how you can delete it safely. (apparently, you cannot just right-click and click delete).
  3. Yes, you are correct momohyder. I'm getting a permission denied error when deleting it. I managed to get rid of it by using the Windows disk clean utility as explained in the article. Thank you very much.
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