Is this pc build any good?

Hi, I am buying a pc from frshtech solutions. Here are the parts and my questions regarding the build.

CPU: i5 4670k
GPU: XFX R9 280X
Motherboard: ASUS Z97-X SLI Socket 1150
RAM: Corsair 8gb (2x4gb) Vengeance Pro Blue 1866mhz
HDD: 1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200 rpm
SSD: Kingston SSD Now V300 120gb
Optical Drive: Samsung 24x DVD Writer
PSU: Corsair 750w CX750
CPU Cooler: Stock intel CPU Cooler
Wireless Card: Tenda W322P Wireless PCI Network Card 300Mbps
Case: Corsair Carbide Spec-01 Mid Tower Gaming Case
OS: Windows 7/8

Is the i5 4670k a good cpu and will it last very long, should I consider the FX 8320?
Is this motherboard a good motherboard and can I overclock my cpu with this?
Is this motherboard a SLI and Crossfire capable?
Is this motherboard a full size ATX motherboard?
Is the stock cpu cooler okay for alright cooling?
Is this wireless card good for what its supposed to do?
Should I get windows 8 or 7 for gaming and general use?
Is this gaming case good for graphics card space and airflow?
Is 750w power supply good or should I consider getting a 600w power supply?
Is 8gb of ram decent or should I get 16gb?
Do I need a sound card for this build or is it not necessary?

I know its a lot but help would be appreciated. THANK YOU!
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  1. If you can afford the i5-4670k, don't even bother with an AMD CPU. I'd suggest changing out that PSU with perhaps a Seasonic, XFX or a AX/HX/TX line of Corsair PSUs. 750W should be fine. Get a CM Hyper 2120 EVO if you plan on overclocking.

    Without even checking, most, if not all, Z-series motherboards allow for overclocking, and should run two GPUs at x8/x8 at the bare minimum. But if you're considering Crossfire, you should likely get a bigger PSU, not entirely sure how much the 280X pulls, but it wouldn't hurt. And the motherboard you have said, 'ASUS Z97-X' isn't bringing up anything in google. But I'm going to assume it is ATX.

    Stock cooler is just good enough (and barely, at that) for a stock clocked CPU. If you're looking to overclock, even in the slightest, I wouldn't go forward with it unless you do get an aftermarket cooler.

    I don't personally like wireless cards. No comment here.

    Windows 7 and 8.1 come down to preference, I've heard 8.1 gets better performance, but I'm completely satisfied with my W7.

    16GB of RAM isn't needed, and a sound card is only necessary if you're a total audiophile.
  2. 1. Your CPU is great. It will last a very long while. Do not change it.
    2. There is no such thing as an Asus Z97-X
    3. See #2
    4. #2
    5. Yes, as long as you don't plan to overclock.
    6. Yes, it will supply decent wireless internet to your PC.
    7. Windows 8.1 is the best for gaming.
    8. Yes and yes.
    9. 600w will work fine, 750w if you ever plan to add another graphics card.
    10. 8gb is more than enough.
    11. No, integrated sound is all you need unless you're a nit-picky audiophile.
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    1. The 4670k is the most recommended cpu for gaming at this time. The i5 cpus are all very good and last quite a few years without any problems (mine is 2.5 years old and has 0 problems with any game I play).
    2. I can't find an Asus Z97-x mobo, is it a Gigabyte Z97X or maybe an Asus Z97-A? Maybe the Asus Z97-k?
    3-4. If the mobo is a Z97-A then it is a great board, good for overclocking and has SLI support and ATX size. If it is good, but not great for overclocking and I believe it has SLI support but not positive (it has 2 PCI-e x16 slots but SLI is not listed on the Asus website as supported for the Z97-k)
    5. Stock cooler is fine if you are not overclocking. If you plan to overclock then you need an aftermarket cooler.
    6. Not sure about the wireless card but it looks fine.
    7. Either windows 7 or 8 is fine, its pretty much up to you. Windows 8 supposedly helps performance for some games but has trouble with older games.
    8. the case is good.
    9. 650w is the min I would go but even 600w would be fine. I am not a fan of the corsair CX series though.
    10. 8gb ram is all you need right now, 16gb would be wasted unless you plan on doing a lot of video rendering or editing
    11. the mobo has pretty good sound, no need for a soundcard unless you are into professional music creation or something similar.
  4. this is the link to the companies website that make the pc's and the motherboard I am talking about is there. Thanks for the help and response guys!
  5. When yo press the link and go to website click on the top left of the screen "build your own pc" and click on the starting from £550 or something like that z97 enthusiast. Thanks
  7. The motherboard in that link is a Z97-K not X >_>
    The z97-k is not ideal for overclocking since it has a 4+1 VRM power phase design, you typically want a 8+2 VRM design for overclocking. Basically your overclocking would be limited because the motherboard would limit how much extra power you can send to the CPU.
    The motherboard supports crossfire but according to the Asus website does not support SLI.

    The motherboard is good if you don't plan on SLI or overclocking.
  8. The motherboard is a gigabyte z97-x :) Sorry if I misinformed you...
  9. Well for the gigabyte z97x there are like 7 different boards since they are usually the z97x-UD3 or UD3H or something similar. But it looks like all of the Gigabyte Z97x motherboards would work for your needs though. They should all have SLI support and be good for overclocking but need to know the exact model to be sure.
  10. Z97-X SLI
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