Choosing a CPU cooler?

Hi, I would like to know what cooler to buy, I need a slim one with enough cooling to stay around 60-75 °c. I wan't to overclock to 4.2 - 4.5.
I have done a bit of research and found these two:
1- be quiet! Shadow rock slim......
2- Scythe Ashura.

Thanks in advance,
Have a nice day.
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  1. What CPU? How much height clearance in your case?
  2. Here are my component, just in case and I would appreciate a cooler with Blue or black fans.
    Mother board-Msi Z97 Gaurd pro
    PSU- EVGA SuperNova 650W 80+ Gold Modular
    HDD- 1 TB Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM
    GPU- R9 280 Sapphire 3 GB
    Case-CM Storm Scout 2
    RAM- 8 GB Crucial Ballistic Sports XT
    If there is a problem with the build then please tell me as I am going to buy this, not bought yet.
  3. pfunkmd said:
    wrong spot

    How? Also why answer something out of the topic in a rude manner, it just you don't want to answer, so don't answer, nobody is forcing you.
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    The best CPU cooler for the money that would work with your setup is the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO This will easily keep temps at the level you want and it's also a relatively slim cooler.
  5. I'll second the Hyper 212 EVO, great cooler, and will be able to OC even higher than 4.2 and keep it cooler than you ask for :)
  6. Thank for your help but I did think about the 212 Evo but I want I have a higher budget so if a nice looking one was available then that would be good.
    Will this be better than a 212 Evo, cause a mate of mine has a CNPS mid fanned one, and it runs dead silent at 4.5GHz
  7. I'm just going to not buy one now as I miscalculated, and my budget does not allow, so I will wait some months and buy a Enthusiast-end(I guess you understand what I mean). But thank anyway.
  8. Well keep us updated, the 9900 is a good cooler, used to use a lot of them
  9. Yea sure, I'll tell you when I get them.
  10. GL!
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