Will G.Skill ripjaws X series fit with a hyper 212 EVO (2x4GB) DDR3- 1866 MHZ?

Hi Toms,

I'm a first time builder and have got what I think is a finished part list, I only have a potential issue with the clearance of the RAM with my CPU cooler. I have chosen an MSI G45 Z87 board and was wandering if I would have issues with the height of the RAM above and my Hyper 212 EVO.

Also if you would, could you give me your opinion on this build?
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  1. I use the same and they will just fit under the heat sink fins, just install the memory near the CPU before installing the HS/FAN.
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    It will be fine and don't have to install the DRAM first, the fan (or fans if you add a second one) are removalable and fully height adjustable, the EVO will work with and DRAM, Have Tridents under one on my IB build and RJ Xs under another on my SB
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