upgrade from gtx560 2gb superclocked to gtx760 low frame rates.

Hi, I just upgraded from a gtx560 2gb gdrr5 superclock to a gtx 760 and I am not noticing ANY difference in frame rates.

I havn't had tons of time to test but in diablo 3 with vsync sitting at 60 fps with the gtx560, in combat I would usually drop to about 20-30 fps. Just a quick test with the 760, and I am getting the same results. It does not feel like an upgrade to me...

With vsync turned off, with the gtx560 I would sit around 105 fps. With the gtx760 I appear to be sitting at 70-80 or so...
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  1. I doubt you will see any improvement. D3 is a very CPU bound game.
  2. Hmm. I just tested in WoW as well and I don't see any improvements. On ultra settings in WoW with the 560 flying around outside of the pandarian cities I would get about 30 fps. I'm getting 25-30 as well with the 760. No difference...
  3. Whats the rest of your PC?
  4. WoW is another CPU bound game, even more so than D3.
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    *Looking at this BENCHMARK, it sounds like you've got a weak CPU that would bottleneck things in many games:,3195-6.html

    Even a Phenom II X2 (dual-core) CPU was averaging 103FPS with a GTX580.

    Tell us what CPU you have, but from what you report it sounds like it is so weak that it's completely bottlenecking the GTX760 most of the time.
  6. cpu: Amd phenom II x4 945
    ram: 16gb ddr3 1600 9-9-9-24
    ssd running OS and games, hdd for all documents etc.
  7. dbruce1990 said:
    cpu: Amd phenom II x4 945
    ram: 16gb ddr3 1600 9-9-9-24
    ssd running OS and games, hdd for all documents etc.

    If you have a descent enough motherboard and PSU you could try some overclocking on the CPU and CPU-NB. IT would help.

    Your CPU scores less than HALF of a modern CPU. It's also WORSE than this indicates because it's an AMD CPU with weak per-core so game benchmarks would be even LOWER relative to a modern INTEL CPU.

    Your CPU scores about 40% of the i7-3770 so in games would likely be closer to a THIRD of the performance (i.e. 20FPS instead of 60FPS).

    Always helps, but can only help to a maximum of the overclock. For example, a 20% overclock at best raises you to 24FPS from 20FPS.
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