Looking for a cpu cooler and heatsink that fits my mother board

so recently my motherboard died and i purchased a new one: and i the fan i recently bought doesnt fit in it. the motherboard has like a rectangular place to mount the heatsink but the cpu cooler i bought: has a square mounting system. i measured the mounting area around the processesor and the dimensions were around 2.5 x 4 in. i cant find seem to find a cpu cooler for my new motherboard. thanks so much for any help
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    That cooler is supposed to come with a different plate to fit the AM3 mounting holes, here's a quote from a review of the cooler:

    The unit has a very, very rigid bracket that mounts to the stock AM3+ socket. I installed it while it was placed on a static mount flat on a table, no flex- and I was still kinda scared I was going to break the board with the pressure I had to apply to get it seated.
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