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I want a 120 GB SSD on which i want to install windows photoshop and some light programs. which is the best under 6000 INR or 100$
AMD Raedon R9 270X 4GB DDR5
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    Samsung 840 Evo

    Samsung 840 Evo

    Rs. 5788

    Cheaper here ^
  2. Samsung 840 EVO likely.

    However, an SSD rarely benefits video games aside from decreasing LOAD times for the initial game and levels.

    Also, 120GB isn't very much space if you were to put on several games. I recommend putting Windows and programs on the SSD, and Steam/Games on a hard drive.

    If you get the Samsung, install Samsung Magician to overprovision, update firmware, benchmark etc.

    Cheaper here ^
  4. from what i can tell, an ssd keeps the jitters out of watchdogs ;p
  5. I'd go with the Crucial M500 or M550 series.
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