I just got a dell studio exp 16 with a processor that is a intel core 2 duo 2.53 ghz is this good enough for Minecraft/world o

I want a computer for gaming and a computer that I can record on with no lag
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  1. I know people that play minecraft with old 2003 computers with over 300fps but with recording there may be some lag. What GPU does the computer have? Is it using integrated graphics?
  2. What's a gpu and I have not even received it yet I order it and it should be here n 4-6 days
  3. A gpu is a graphics card (gpu = graphics processing unit). With that cpu I would assume you are using integrated graphics meaning your cpu is processing graphics as well. Recording games with no lag depends on the game you are recording and what resolution you are recording and playing the game at. With that cpu you will probably see some lag.
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