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So basically my internet connection is being very weird at the moment. I can only access Facebook and YouTube and nothing else. It can't be a web browser option because I also have no connection to steam or game launchers.
Please help!
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    Have you tried running a virus scan?
  2. No, I've thought about it though. Il do a scan now. Also I don't think this is relevant but the problem appeared when I was trying to OC my CPU
  3. Overclocking shouldn't affect internet access.
  4. Doing a scan now, going to scan for root kits after. I'll let you know the results.
  5. Strange, I've just noticed that when it says I'm connected to the network but no internet connection, I can still access the specific websites. This does sound like the work of a virus
  6. What are you trying to connect to the internet with? a wire or a wireless adapter?
  7. Wire
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