Computer Keeps Crashing after Upgrade to 9590

Need some help figuring this out. Usually google is my friend and I generally hate using forums because it takes ages to get a response, but here goes.

The system:
M5A97 R2.0
GEIL - GPB38GB1866C9DC (Timings are 11-11-11-28, auto config by bios)
FX 9590 @ 4.7GHZ, FSB 200mhz, Multiplier 23.5 (again, auto config by bios)
Samsung EVO 120 GB
Coolermaster GX II 750W
Cooler is a Nepton 280L
Asus 7790

The problem:
My computer randomly freezes up, keyboard freezes, mouse freeze, any screen activity freezes.

GPU Temp at time of Crash 38C
CPU Temp at time of Crash 29C
Memory Check using windows diagnostics
No error messages within 5 minutes of the last recorded crash.
Error messages preceeding the two recorded crashes prior:
-The Multimedia Class Scheduler service entered the running state.
-The Windows Font Cache Service service entered the running state.
I just reinstalled the OS, performed all updates.
Several times after a proper reboot the computer would not post. (not a disk issue)
Problem has only happened since I changed cases and upgraded my cpu Wednesday.
Memory Diagnostics using Windows returned no errors.
All of this means its either the board, the chip or the memory.

Any help would be appreciated
I am thinking its something to do with Dram timings but I am not a fan of screwing with timings... I cant afford to buy new gear if I burn something out. And I really cant afford another 350$ cpu because the Dram timings were wrong and it fried my CPU.

Timings are supposed to be 9-10-9-28 but are 11-11-11-28. Running at stock speed of 1866
Cpu Settings - 4700mhz, FSB 200mhz, Multiplier is 23.5
NorthBridge is running at 2200mhz.


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  1. Try a better power supply, cpu cooler and motherboard.

    What GPU?

    How much ram?

    Download and run HWIOnfo - Sensors so we can see voltages, temps, fan rpm etc.

    Post your full build - every component make and model plus OS
  2. Best answer
    I feel like it might be that the motherboard doesn't fully support the 9590 in terms of power.
  3. I would've got a 990fx chipset mobo for that cpu.
  4. Calnin said:
    I feel like it might be that the motherboard doesn't fully support the 9590 in terms of power.

    It looks that way sadly. The ASUS site says the board only supports upto 140W CPUs:
  5. That's definitely the issue.

    OP, can you return the CPU? If so, get an 8350 and an Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0 and then overclock to 9590 speeds.
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