WATCH DOGS: GTX 760 or 770 or R9 280x?

I was thinking of getting nvidia cards for watch dogs mainly because the game is optimized for them but now I don't know what to get. Now I've been doing some research on watch dogs on these cards and really the game is poorly optimized as of right now (but I dont plan on getting it just yet). And I saw some major differences on the nvidia side also their vrams varies too. As you may know, watch dogs needs a vram of 3gb (r9 280x) for ultra textures and 2gb for high which is on the 760 and 770.
Now I dont have the rig just yet because the gpu is the deciding factor for my cpu. Also I am waiting for the time when the game stabilizes but for now I'm just shopping around.

The cards:
HIS RADEON R9-280X iPOWER IceQ x2 turbo Boost Clock around $321
Zotac GTX 760 AMP! 2gb 256bit around $270
Palit Geforce GTX 770 2gb Jetstream around $360

I would get the r9 but the game is poorly optimized on amd cards whereas the nvidia cards do fairly well. Hopefully soon they can fix the game bugs.
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  1. great links suggested by i7Baby, the review/s should give you a solid choice for what you should get.
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    The GTX 770 is objectively the most powerful of the bunch, VRAM or not. It easily outclasses the GTX 760 and in most every case outperforms the R9 280X. If you're looking to expand VRAM, you could look into a 4 GB version of the GTX 770:

    In addition, GTX 770s come with a free copy of Watch Dogs currently so that's another reason to consider it.
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