I want to add more Fans but My MoBo Doesn't Have any more slots :<

I have a

Couger Volant Case that can support up to 8Fans but currently there is only 1 Installed(Side panel)

I want to add more like 3 fans (1Bottom, 1 rear, and 1Front) and after 1month i'll add a H100i and put it the fans and on top

But my MoBo (GA-78LMT-S2) can only support 1 Case Fan and 1 CPU Fan. But I'm going to change my mobo to a 990FX if i can save money. but for the meantime,
Are there other options like buying a "Y" Connector or Plugging the fan to the PSU (my PSU is Cougar SL 600W )

But I don't know what kind of connector or adapter to buy.

Cougar Volant -
GA-78LMT-S2 -
Cougar SL 600W -
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  1. If you're looking to add multiple fans you might also be looking to control their speeds - and individually, allowing you to maintain low fan sound levels while optimising cooling - where needed.
    If you want this level of control this link will give you some ideas:
  2. will my mobo support it?

    Im new to the fan controller thing where will I plug it? etc

    Update: googling doesnt help. so Im asking here

    and someone told me I should buy a FAN MOLEX. What is a Fan molex? XD
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    If you go down the separate fan controller route (which you need since your motherboard has limited fan headers), the controller itself normally only takes a single molex power source which then supplies power to all attached fans. The lead coming from your fans plug directly into the controller. The fan speed for each fan can then be controlled independently.
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