My new built PC, when turned on, after 1 second shuts off (the fan moves and then it turns off). after 4 seconds, it will try

My new built PC, when turned on, after 1 second shuts off (the fan moves and then it turns off). after 4 seconds, it will try to turn back on and it will pulsate power. I am using a 500 watt powersupply with a i5 4670k and a gtx 760. The first time i booted it, it worked, but the display was not working. after that, i restarted and the problem occured. Please help, I am ordering a new 700w PSU. Could it be the motherboard?
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  1. I'm having a very similar problem right now, I pulled my cpu out and put it into another computer and it seemed to work but the screen didn't work, I thinkits the motherboard. but to make sure ill be putting another cpu into my motherboard and see if that works. I'll let you know.
  2. I'm having the same problem, I turn it on it stays on for like 5-10 seconds, getting no display from any of my graphics cards. Then it shuts off, and try's rebooting. My gpus are EVGA SC GTX 770's in SLi and their fans come on and everything. I reseated both of them, tried only running 1, switched slots. Removed both and tried running on integrated graphics from motherboard nothing. I did the bio's jump, popped the bios battery. Nothing. My Cpu is Liquid cooled, and it's not overheating. My powersupply is a Azza 800watt 80 plus, but i also tried with my spare EVGA 850 Supernova. Both power supply seem to power the system but it still shuts off and restarts. Iv'e come to the conlclusion that its the motherboard. Ive also reseated ram, wires, opticals, hd's. Ran on minimum. So if you've done all that too, Seems like we are both out Mobos. I run ASrock z97 Extreme3, Cpu i7-4770k @4.0gz, dual SLI GTX acx 770s.
  3. The fact that OP mentions "power pulsation" is not good - there is undoubtedly a short somewhere in his system, whether it is internal and within the power supply, or a bad motherboard, or incorrect installation. I would remove everything from the computer case and try bench testing the components outside the case to rule out shorts, ie, put the motherboard, CPU, and heatsink onto an insulated surface, plug in the power supply and a monitor, and just try to boot into the BIOS without any other components attached (if there's no onboard graphics, obviously you must plug in a graphics card). Brush the back of the motherboard with a plastic brush to ensure any metal flakes are removed before doing this.

    Kazm, your problem could be completely different. Are you getting any codes at all on your motherboard's two character display when this happens? If so, you need to look up those codes in your motherboard's manual. It could be your CPU, motherboard, or a problem with the pins in your motherboard.
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