My display is only working through the output ports from my graphics card.

basically my friend gave me his old computer when he got a new one, this pc is about 8 years old. It has an ATI Radeon HD 3800 series graphics card with 2 DVI ports and an S-video port. the motherboard had all the other usual ports including a VGA port. up till now iv been using my pc through my TV using a DVI to HDMI adaptor. iv just bought myself a desk to use my pc on becuase before i just sad on my bed with my keyboard on my lap and it got very uncomfortable. iv bought a separate monitor to have on the desk which only has a VGA port. the problem i have is that i cant connect the pc to the monitor with a VGA cable when the VGA port is on my motherboard rather than my graphics card. my friend suggested changing the settings and iv tried it on 2 monitors. the pc can easily detect that i have another monitor connected via VGA and when i tell it to display on the monitor instead of the TV, all i get is the no signal input message on the monitor.

basically what im asking is, can i only display the screen through ports off of my graphics card, meaning ill have to get a DVI to VGA adaptor, or does anyone have any other suggestions for me to try? any help would be great thanks :)
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  1. The problem that you have is that your monitor is analogue (VGA) but your output is digital. To my knowledege there isn't an easy or cheap work around, there might not even be a work around. A DVI to VGA adapter wil not resolve this issue, I have tried it for a friend in the past. My only suggestion is to buy a digital monitor I'm affraid.
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    Purchase a DVI to VGA adaptor, video performance of the card far superior to onboard VGA.

    Shame, I have a box with 400 in sitting in my store gathering dust :(

    £1.06 inc P&P ..
  3. You definitely need a DVI to VGA adapter; they are cheap and you may even have one somewhere in your home!
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