My keyboard and Mouse DO NOT work in boot screen before windows 7 starts!

Since I had $550, I decided to build a PC for BF4, BF3, Titanfall etc.

Here are my specs if it helps:

MSI 970A-G43 motherboard
corsair CM 500 (modular)
Windows 7 ultimate N (free from my uncle)
AMD R9 270x
corsair g force 240 gb ssd (free from my dad lol)
NZXT 210
AMD 630six core processor@3.5 ghz

Anyway, the problem is that 2 universal serial bus (usb) controllers say they do not have drivers installed, and leads me to believe that's why the mouse and keyboard don't work in the boot menu when you press enter to select so I have to wait 30 more seconds for it to automatically select. When I update it windows cant do it, please help ;(
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  1. well thoes sound like the usb3 dont have the drivers but under windows the usb2 should work nativly and then there are some boards that need ps2 keyboards to first go into the bios to activate the usb keyboard when you want to use it in the bios the next time or it just may only let you use the ps2 input for useing the bios ??
  2. I have 2 USB 3.0 and I don't use them because there is nothing to put it to good use so everything is connected to USB 2.0, could you go into more detail with the PS2 input because I am not quite sure I understand what your are illustrating, thanks.
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    Might check that you have the latest BIOS, in Win itself, make sure you have the latest mobo drivers from their web site, the drivers that came w/ the mobo were prob out of date when you got it ;)
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