Corsair Vengenance 4GB 1600Mhz DDR3 ram wont work in Biostar H55 HD

Corsair Vengenance 4GB 1600Mhz DDR3 ram wont work in Biostar H55 HD motherboards , Biostar site and other websites say that it is compatible but when i try booting with it , when the window starts to load i get blue screen and system restart , my specs:

Processor - Intel i3 540
Mobo - biostar h55 hd
Psu - Corsair vs 650
gpu - Msi gtx 760 TF Oc
Ram - 1x4gb corsair vengeance 4gb ddr3 1600mhz
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  1. Any error messages at all?
  2. No the BSOD just comes for a second then system restart..
  3. Is this a new build?
    Was it working before?
  4. New build, so now i am using a 4gb ddr3 dynet ram which is 2 yrs old so i went to the market and bought another dynet ram 4gb ddr3 , when i installed it again the same problem as it was with corsair so i went to my friend and tok his 1 yr old dynet ram 4gb ddr and installed it and now both my dynet rams which are old are only working on my Mobo, can anyone tell is my Mobo that bad and it wont accept any new ram from any company ..
  5. Try pulling the DRAM, reset the CMOS then install a single stick and see (might also check and make sure you have the latest BIOS, and update it if it's not current)
  6. Tried pulling the DRAM and also i have reset the cmos still the problem is there and i checked the internet there is no update of my bios after 2010 ....
  7. See if you can borrrow a stick or two to test with or try your DRAM in another rig, might be a a bad stick or sticks, but would guess mobo problem.
  8. My DRAM's are good, i tested it in another rig , i think my mobo sucks...
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    Might well be the problem, I myself try and avoid BioStar, won't build on them
  10. ok so should i buy mobo from Gigabyte or Asus??
    Also yesterday i tried to play watch dogs on my core i3 and i am only able to play it in low settings with 35fps, so is it necessary that i should change my processor because till now i am able to play all other games in maxed out graphics..
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