I installed a SSD in my desktop PC but I don't know how to move the OS

My PC came with a standard 2TB HD with a Windows 8 recovery partition. I have installed a 750GB SSD and wish to have the OS installed on that HD. Windows 8 and 8.1 does not let me choose a different hard drive when I do a factory reset or refresh for the OS. How can I move the OS to the SSD? Does the recovery partition have to be on the same HD?
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  1. I have tried a few different programs to accomplish the cloning to an SSD. Even some free ones, but I've had problem or to do that specific function (uEFI BIOS and GPT drives) I'd need to buy the 'pro' product, free version didn't have that function.

    What I purchased was Paragon's Migrate OS to SSD 4.0 (http://www.paragon-software.com/technologies/components/migrate-OS-to-SSD/) worked like a charm and handled everything, including different partition sizes as long and the clone will fit.

    I did NOT clone anything but the original C: to the SSD. I can still boot to the original as well as the diagnostic partition on the old drive (it is a Dell, no recovery partition).
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