Best 2TB Hard Drive and 120GB for about 150$?

What is the best 2TB Hard Drive for about 150$?

And what is the best 120gb SSD for about 150$?

I will be storing almost everything on the Hard Drive, the SSD is just for fast booting when I start my computer. If you recommend a SSD, could you tell me how much time it would take for my computer to be turned on to be completly ready to use? Here is my build btw: At least I think that's what i'm going to go for.
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    If you are in UAS, you don't need 4150 for the 2TB HDD or 120GB SSD.

    2TB HDD Barracuda has1TB-per-disk technology.

    120BG SSD either Crucial M500 or Samsung MZ-7TE120BW for $70 or $140 for 250GB
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