Screen flickering problem when playing games

Whenever I play games, I get screen flickering. My graphics card is the MSI R7 250X 1GB. I have tried updating the drivers to the latest version, and I have tried reverting to earlier versions, even the version supplied with the disc that came with my GPU, but the flickering still occurred when playing games. I am now currently running the latest driver version (Catalyst 14.04) with still no luck. What can I do to solve this problem? If it is my monitor, and I need to get a different monitor, what refresh rate would I need to prevent the flickering?

My current monitor is limited to about 75 Hz.
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  1. What are your GPU temps looking like?
  2. CDdude55 said:
    What are your GPU temps looking like?

    It usually stays at about 30, but it can go up to 50-60.
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    Are you able to try another card or on-board graphics?, the artifacts might be a result of a slowly dying card. Have you tried opening the system up and ensure all power connectors and in and the GPU is fully seated? Also inspect the card for any signs of physical damage.

    Leave your monitor on the default refresh rate by the way.
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