which mini ITX Case should i get

i have 800$ gaming build and would want to know which is the best case for me. im looking for something small and compact (mini itx) something that will be easy to transport.

i have a i5 processor and a gtx 760 including optical drive.

i was thinking either corsair 250d or bitfenix prodigy but you guys might have a better solution. case must have good airflow and good fans. this is my components so far. if you have any suggestion please could you help first time build

please could you leave your recommandations please.
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  1. I bought the BitFenix Prodigy myself and the case is really something else. The two included fans provide excellent airflow and when you turn on the computer it's virtually silent. The two handles on top of the case make it a little easier to move, and it fits full-size PSUs as well as graphics cards.
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    Switch to a 2x4GB RAM kit to get dual-channel mode (and a 3%-5% speed improvement).
    The Corsair CX is not good to use in a gamer, especially a small one that will experience heat build-up. That is because it was made with some inferior Samxon capacitors that cannot take the heat and will fail early. Right now, a Seasonic-built 550W XFX is $51 with a promo code, and only $26 if you play the rebate game (and win).
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