is my pu temp too high

so ijust want to know if my temp is too high have origin and chrome open heres a link to a picture taken just now
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    You are getting on the high side with your temps.

    Under 50C is good when idling.
    Install a batter fan on your cooler and you should be good.

    One thing to consider is HWMonitors does not work well with AMD CPUs.

    3 of your cores are not showing up. The CPU is most likely locked.
    Look at your temps in BIOS/CMOS

    TMPIN2 is through the roof.

    128C is out of control. Make sure you have enough cooling.
    Your MOB is running too hot.
    Check the MOB temps in CMOS/BIOS too.
    HWM seems not to work well with AMD systems.

    Every Intel system I use HWM on works.
    I have never had much luck with HWM on AMD systems though.
  2. Cooler master tx3 is on the way :)
  3. Ok, Stock coolers are horrible.
    Until you get a better cooler I would not use the computer too much to prevent damage.
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