Blue screened now having issues booting windows 7.

Hi everyone,

I was playing a game not even an extreme game and suddenly i had a blue screen. when windows restarted the bios splash screen came up then after that it says "please restart and select boot device or insert disk and hit any key" i went into the bios and i can see both my hard drives in there. i have 1tb with windows 7 64bit installed on it and another 1tb for games and movies ect. but for some reason when booting up it wont boot from the disk. i read another thread and someone held down the power button for a couple more seconds and that worked for me so im currently on my computer writing this but if i restart the machine its going to do it again and sometimes the power button trick wont work. anyone have a clue or advice on this?

thanks ahead of time for any advice!

r9 290
intel i7 4770k
16 gigs ram
2 one tb hard drives
windows 7 64bit
No overclocking done at all
All parts are a few months old (2 or 3) except for hard drives.
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  1. This happens sometimes to old computers or computer with viruses if i were you go download systemcare and ill give you serial code to make it pro and make it scan your comeputer and fix the isues this is what i used when that happend to my old pc
  2. This happened to me on my laptop, I just did a system restore to the point that I downloaded the virus.
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