Hard Drive vanished from Windows 7 but still works as USB drive

I have a few HDDs in my PC. One contains a lot of RAW photos as I edit them, another the finished files, the OS is on an SSD. Today I started getting real slowdown while editing raw photos in Lightroom, so thought I'd reboot. The 'Windows is shutting down' message stayed for ages A minute or so) so I hit the hard reset button on my PC.

Now the whole harddrive is missing in Windows.
I disconnected it and instead plugged in a little USB SATA adapter I have, and it does work fine as a USB drive. Just not plugged in directly as SATA.

Any ideas what's happened? Or more importantly, how to bring it back? I've tried another SATA port on the MoBo

Two other SATA drives are still functioning fine, and the drive itself clearly functions fine. Very Odd.
I hope I've not lost a lot of important files (Luckily nothing here is really critical - I have many backups of the finished edits, and I never clear any memory cards until the JPGs have been exported from the raws and several backups made!!)
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  1. OK First I tried disconnecting the power and instead used the mains transorfmer of the little SATA USB device, and a different SATA lead. (I though I had tried a different SATA lead... maybe it was the same one.) It came back! Then I tried this now working cable and the original power connector, assuming that I'd find a fault with the PSU, But it now still works (And the power connector does run to all the HDDs so it wouldn't have made any sense to stop working on one!!
    Is it possible to have one sata port out of the 8 suddenly go down? Can't be the cable surely, as they won't move at all when sealed inside a case.

    Perhaps something just needed a wiggle??
  2. Could we see the drive's SMART report?

    Which chipset does your motherboard use?

    What is the model of the HDD?
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