Error Code 43 on my graphics card. Not showing up in dxdiag. blochy, distorted display.

So I was playing league of legends on my computer and had a dvi to hdmi plug into my tv and dvi plug into my display. I unplugged the dvi to hdmi connected to my tv while playing the game, and finished it just fine. But right after the game it gave me the blue screen of death. When I restarted, the screens colors are all faded and its running in 640x480.
I have an Nvidia 560ti graphics card. Which shows up in device manager and its giving me error code 43. It does not show up in my dxdiag anymore and everything is replaced with n/a.
I've tried wiping my drivers and reinstalling, which all it does is go back to the blochy 640x480. And if I roll back to older drivers for the graphics card the computer won't even boot up.
I've also tried reinstalling windows, which has done nothing, but I will try again.
I also broke my original motherboard getting the graphics card out and bought a brand new one. Still gives me the blochy screen.
If I run the motherboards graphics card the colors are normal and the screen is just small.
Any solutions to what could be the problem?
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  1. The motherboard I'm running now is an ASROCK z75 pro3
  2. restart your pc. i also have this problem when reinstall the intel graphic driver
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