Power supply plug has different pins than my motherboard

I have been given a motherboard that has an 8-pin power socket. My power supply has an 8-pin power plug but some of the pins are shaped differently and the plug doesn't fit. Here is a picture https://www.dropbox.com/s/2035kxnbiw3kubb/2014-05-31%2010.57.10.jpg where I am holding the two types of plugs side by side. The one on the left (bottom) is the one that I need, and the one on the right (top) is the one that I have. I have a modular power supply; here is a picture https://www.dropbox.com/s/rwajso8y0k05cr9/2014-05-31%2018.54.07.jpg Is it possible to get a plug/cable for my power supply that has the right pins? On both of these power supplies, the 8 pin plug cable is not modular and is hardwired into the PSU itself.

Can anyone help me figure out the names of these plugs so that I can ask around in shops etc.? I'd prefer to avoid buying an entire new PSU if it is possible to get a cable for the job. I'd also consider rewiring/hacking off plastic if there is anyone in the know who can tell me what I need to do.

Any help appreciated.
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  1. Hi Uncle Gus
    can you tell me the make and model of your motherboard
  2. Are you sure you're using the plug for the cpu and not the 8pin for the gpu?

    I put some pictures next to each other and think you do.To compare,
    is an 8pin pcie (gpu) powerconnector
  3. by the looks of the back of your PSU you should have two pcie cables plugged in , both the pink slots , you only have one plugged in , vic40 may be right , use both the pink connectors and the leads with the yellow stripe, are those 8pin or 6pin ?
  4. The 8pin to use should probably within the fixed bundle that comes from the psu.
  5. The 8 pin plug on both power supplies are coming from the fixed bundle of cables. The power supply that has the plug that I need is a Corsair HX620W (I can't see anything that looks like a model number without taking the entire unit out) and the power supply that I have is an AcBel PC6018.

    Thanks for your help so far.
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