What are some good Mid-tower ATX cases?

I'm planning to build a computer but I need a Case! Thx
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  1. Thx Guys!! Hey Mickypheonix (You've anwsered most of my questions) and i7Baby
    I'll have a look at all your links
    p.s How did you know I use PCCG as my main supplier?
  2. Oh - me and Micky have really good ESP
  3. yep we have the vibe :)
  4. Yeh Both of you seem to always anwser my questions
    Anyway Right now I'm deciding on the Define R4 or the H440
    Which one would you guys suggest?, I also noticed the H440 does not have optical drives would this be a problem?
  5. both are good cases , you will be fine with either , what components are you putting into the case ?
  6. the optical drive is not a problem if you have an external drive or plan on getting one
    edit some people hate using optical drives in a case whereas others fill every bay ? personal preference i guess
  7. The call for optical drives is decreasing. Windows is now often installed by download of an ISO image to a usb.

    If you want an ODD though, get a case that has 5.25in bays.
  8. take into account the height of what cpu cooler you put in your case and the length of your GPU before you make a purchase,
    it would be a shame to buy a new case then find out later that the card is too long or the cpu cooler too tall and you can't get the side panel on your case or your radiator wont fit
  9. Thx guys!
    As for the components it's a high end build
    CPU: AMD FX-9590
    Motherboard:ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z Motherboard
    GPU: Dual ASUS Radeon R9 280X
    PSU:Corsair AX860 Platinum Power Supply
    Memory:G. Skill Sniper F3-12800CL9Q-16GBSR 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3
    Gonna cost me a crap tonne of money D:
    Storage: Western Digital WD Black 1TB WD1003FZEX
  10. If you're going to spend that much money m8 , get a case with a window so you can show off all your components :)
  11. LEL which one would you recommend?
  12. that will be a nice build :) , good choice of PSU
    all looks good
    That card is 11.2" long or 285mm long so be sure it fits in your case

    what cpu cooler ? and are you overclocking ?
  13. midtower or full ?
  14. No not overclocking
    I don't know any thing about CPU coolers XD Which one would you suggest?
    Should I use mid tower of full?
    I've only built a computer twice so XD Ima noob
  15. Best answer
    is your call m8 , depends on weather you have the room for a full tower , full tower is more spacious , easier cable management
    I recently bought this case and from pccasegear its $200 full tower , love it , fully modular , ton of room
    awesome airflow good build quality
    EDIT: Its Big
  16. Like mickyphoenix said the thermaltake core v71 is a great full tower case and i recommend it !
  17. LOL it's massive! Never done a build with a full tower case! Is it all like, the same?
    Also how many fans does it come with?
    Thx guys for sticking with this post for 3 hours
  18. i don't know if it's the same i've never done a build with a full tower case either
    it comes with 5 or 6 fans i think , 4 200mm fans and 1 140mm fan if i'm right
  19. No probs , building is the same you're just building in a bigger case :)
    as for fans it comes with ,
    140mm rear exhaust fan
    2x200mm front intake fans
    1x200mm top exhaust fan
  20. check the thermaltake site link it will show you how many fans you can use ,
    I have an eatx board in mine and 3 way sli , pulled out the centre HDD cage and rail , the cages are well mounted and can hang on their own
    with thumb screws , i get get heaps of airflow through my cards :)
  21. Would you recommend 1x200m for the top fan or 3 120s?
  22. 1x200mm , slower quieter , more airflow ?
    Edit: The top takes 2x200mm fans , only 1 comes with the case
  23. Do you think the dual graphics cards will fit? and is the PSU enough?
  24. BTW where do you buy parts except from PCCG XD I need cheaper parts!
  25. Your cards will fit no probs at all , psu should be fine
  26. I'm pretty sure the cards will fit and that you have enough power
  27. yes i deal with a lot of different suppliers , pays to shop around , saying that pccasegear are most times the cheapest but some brands they dont stock
    i deal with

    never had an issue with any , my personal preferance of all of them , for service , faults and feedback dealing with faulty or DOA
    you can't beat PCCasegear , great bunch of guys :)
  28. LOL just purchased the parts XD Costs so much...
    Anyway thx!! I ended up buying the Thermaltake Core V71 Full Tower case
    Can't wait for it to arrive!! Thx!!!
  29. its huge lol , might have to throw out the cat to make room :)
    any questions on it , PM me m8 , i got one so will help if i can

    good case , you wont be dissapointed :)
  30. THX!!!
  31. No Probs m8 , any time
  32. For a 9590, get a good water cooler. They get bloody hot.
  33. good call i7baby , plenty of options with that case
  34. Yeh took a look at the stats and it clocks to 5ghz too!!
  35. yup , you will have a beast :)
  36. I posted a new page asking about water cooling if you two could help anwser it that would be good!
  37. the corsair h105
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