System restarts while gaming (No BSOD)

Hello all, I have been facing this problem for the last month or so.

While gaming the computer restarts around 20-30 seconds into the game, but only with certain demanding games / resolutions. There is no BSOD, just the screen goes black and the sound loops (or just continues normally), after which I need to either restart manually or it does so on its own.

e.g. Watch_Dogs @ Ultra at 1080p
GTA IV with ENB @ 4K

In both cases if I lower the resolution the restart does not occur at all, Watch_Dogs does not crash at 1600x900 and GTA IV does not crash at 1080p.

The restart NEVER occurs while normal browsing or playing other games.


This is my build:
Intel DH77EB MoBo
Intel i7 3770 @ 3.9 GHz (Stock)
Galaxy Nvidia GTX 780ti HoF (Factory OC'd) (1050 MHz core / 7.4 Ghz Memory)
Corsair VS650 650 Watt PSU
Corsair XMS3 8GB DDR3 RAM (@1600 MHz)
Case: Antec DF-85 Full tower


To me this seems like a straightforward PSU dying problem (since its not a really good one anyway); but to be sure I have already ruled out the following:

Temperature - Checked all temps with Speedfan/Realtemp, etc; Nothing breaches 80 C (I live in India so its hot here lol); CPU ~ 65-70 under full load and GPU ~ 75-80. In any case temps would not cause a restart within the first 30 seconds or so.

CPU - Ran Prime95 for 2 hours with no errors or crashes, re-seated and reapplied thermal paste.

RAM - Ran memtest86 and Prime95 to check for errors (none found); reproduced the crash both times while using only 1 stick at a time. Its hardly likely that both sticks would be bad.

Motherboard - Replaced with a spare that I had.

Software - Formatted my disc, re-installed the OS and clean drivers; tried various driver versions upto 1 year old ones.

Loose Connections, etc - Moved the entire build from my old case to my new Antec DF-85, everything is plugged in perfectly.


The only culprits that I can think of now are:

PSU - The VS is the most basic Corsair series and it probably just cant supply the 780ti with enough power. It also is over 1 year old and may just be dying, my older card was a GTX 670 so it obviously drew a lot less.

GPU - OCCT GPU test instantly causes the same restart within 10 seconds; but the OCCT PSU test does not cause the restart at all. However; the GPU runs the very same games at lower resolutions perfectly with no crashes or artifacts; also I can play stuff like Borderlands 2 and Wolfenstein: The New Order for hours with no problems what-so-ever. The GPU is less than 2 months old; and I had absolutely no crashes for the first 2 weeks (even with GTA IV @ 4k)

RAM Timings - The AUTO settings on my MoBo seem to set the RAM to 1333 MHz; but its rated for 1600 MHz; also am not sure if the timings are correct; but I haven't fiddled with RAM at all; it did not cause any crashes in the last 2 years, so I don't see why it should now.


TLDR; The PSU seems to be the problem to me; but I just need to be sure before I spend money fixing it.

Am planning to get a Corsair HX650 now; but I am unsure if it can supply enough power for my system. The case (Antec DF-85) has 7 fans; only 2 are attached at the moment (fan hub not arrived yet); will a HX650 be enough??

HX750 costs twice as much as the HX650 here so its not an easy decision lol.

Is there anything else that could be causing the problem besides the PSU?

Thanks for reading!
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    You bought a GTX 780 Ti with a Corsair VS series PSU. That is so unbalanced
  2. The VS is from my earlier build, the TI was added now :)

    But I agree, I am gonna get a quality PSU now, I need to figure out the wattage.
  3. Minimum 520W having required PCIe connectors for current system(No SLI,OC)
  4. Please notify if the issue goes away or not by using a quality PSU
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