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Yesterday I downloaded sitting and steam from piratesbay.I installed and run skyrim .Today I opened the laptop and the start icon was gray exactly as the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.Then it couldn't connect the internet.Neither wired nor wireless.Moreover I can't do system recovery for unknown reason.In addition I can't see my pc specs and other things that make my pc useless.Please help asap
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  1. Skyrim not sitting correct
  2. Do an anti-virus scan on your hard drive
  3. Thanks for responding friend.I really appreciate it.
    I scanned whole computer with AVG and it seems everything is fine.
    Before a couple days, i scanned my pc and it found three trojan horses,i dont know what that means but i deleted the files with the trojan horse even AVG showed that computer was secured.
    Any other idea?Everything would be helpful.
  4. Do a System Restore back to before you had the problems.
  5. I tried that too.I cant.It says that system recovery doesnt seem to work right in that system,or smthng like that.I have greek installed and i dont know if my translation is detailed or different from english version.
    I forgot to mention that i made an RP generator (generates cash for league of legends)
    With virtual basic.Nothin special,the programm doesnt generate anything but to use it you must put your username and password and if you click generate it automaclly sends you the username and password of the person who downloaded this program in your email.I just wanted to prank a friend of mine so i uploaded it to youtube and mediafire.To steal his legue of legendd ac and then givr it back to him
    Do you think riot games the company that made league of legends saw the video and did smthng to my computer or something?
  6. Do a Windows re-install.
  7. Only windows re-install?Not format ?
  8. Yes - with re-format.
  9. Can you explain this more please?
    How to do it qnd if this affects my file
    Thanks for your help tho :-)
    Is there any way of giving you a reward or smthng?
  10. Best answer
    Boot to your optical drive with the Windows CD in it.

    It'll wipe your disk. Back up data, but you'll have to re-install applications.

    If it works, just a Best Answer would be nice.
  11. Ok ,but what if i dont have ths cd :D?
    Can you tell me what u told above in plain english?i am not a native speaker and its very difficult for me to understand since i am not using english lang in windows
  12. You can't re-install Windows without the Windows CD. If you don't have it, you'll have to buy a new one.
  13. Can i do it via usb?
    So can sum up who do have to do because i must sleep.Its about 3 a.m
  14. Yes - you can download the ISO image from Microsoft onto a USB.
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