MSI Z87 G45 Motherboard - Location of LED's & Speaker?

Does anybody know what LED's are located on the MSI z87 g45 gaming motherboard and where they are located? I am trying to diagnose if the motherboard is faulty but the manual doesn't specify this anywhere. The only ones I found are the on the "Audio Boost" plate-thingy at the bottom-left of this picture

I am also trying find out if/where an in-built mobo speaker might be found, though as the manual doesn't specify this either I'm guessing that there isn't one?

The manual for the board can be found here if it will help.

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  1. Hi there,
    I have made a image of where all the items are:
    The LED debug light should give two digits then you can look those up in the manual or online.
    This motherboard does not come with a built in speaker you may have one connected in the slot as show above.
    Hope this helps!
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    There is no debug LED on msi z87 g45.
  3. Hjgrove, that picture would be really helpful if is wasn't of a different motherboard, but thanks anyway!

    feelingthebanks, that's what I needed to confirm so thank you very much!
  4. Sorry about that, bing gave me pictures of a the msi z87 gd65 for some reason...
  5. Glad to help man.
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