32" LED vs 27" IPS monitor

looking to replace my 22" 1680x1050 Acer with a new display now that I recently built a new rig. I have looked at the various 27" monitor options and now investigating 32" full HD TV's, specifically Samsung's UA32H5100 with 100Hz motion. Any thought's on this application especially the input lag.

I can return the TV within 10 days if not satisfied which is currently on special offer and cheaper than an average 27" ips panel monitor.

Will be used predominantly for gaming and a bit of web surfing

MSI Z87G45 Mobo
Intel i5 4670K (stock)
8G ram

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  1. tv's do add some inputlag and the 100hz motion adds just more.
    be vary of samsung tv's, i managed to burn an image stuck on my lcd flatscreen
  2. Monitors will always perform better when it comes to gaming over TV's. Most monitors are build with gaming in mind, they will have faster GTG times, for gaming try to keep it at 5ms or less to minimize ghosting. they will also have less input lag, great for fast action games. The pixels will be smaller giving you a sharper image. Also tv’s that advertise high refresh rates are not truly high refresh, they way they work is, they display the same image twice.

    IMO if you sit close to your monitor I would stick with a 24” monitor, because the larger screens have the same amount of pixels as the smaller screens, they are just bigger to fill the extra space. If you sit farther away from your screen then you will not notice the stretching as much.

    Do you have a preference of TN or IPS? If you primarily game I would suggest looking at the ASUS VG248QE, this monitor will look amazing with the system you have, its 144hz refresh, 1ms GTG, super low input lag. People will say the colors on TN panels are horrible. I personally think they look great on this monitor, and unless you have an IPS panel sitting right next to it you will not see a difference.


    Here is a review that goes over the colors, input lag ect.

    If you prefer IPS let me know I can link a few good monitors. Also is there a specific resolution you are looking for? Also what is your budget for a new monitor?
  3. Hi ChrisR38

    So TV is out the window.

    I have seen rave reviews of the ASUS VG248QE....but TN panel. Im not a hardcore gamer but beleive that VG248QE is for one given the GTG and all. Most people say if you go above 120Hz you never go back to 60Hz..if your gear can keep up.

    I was really looking at a 27" screen size but seems like ther is no model with IPS, 144hz and less than 5ms GTG.

    Can you link the 27"'s. I may not have access to all models here in South Africa. I Intend buying from this SA online site. Bought all my gear here with good service:
  4. Currently, there is no 144Hz monitor with IPS panel.

    a 27" 60Hz IPS screen with 5ms response rate will give you a great experience all round, from gaming to movies. the faster refresh rate of a TN panel is far better for gaming, but for the price, it is not.
  5. Currently I am getting 80+ FPS on High-Ultra settings on 1680x1050 22". Sometimes as high as 250FPS on some games. FC3 is between 75-120. Using that as ref what can I expect in 1080p 27". Will this be the same same for 24" 1080p. I imagine so because of same resolution.

  6. You will get a slight drop in your fps moving up to 1920x1080. The 780 is one of the more powerful cards out right now, you will not have any problems maintaining high fps in games.

    Yes, the performance will be the same on a 24” @1080p as a 27” @ 1080p. both monitors have the same amount of pixels, the pixels on the 27” will just be larger to fit the larger screen, that is why I recommend sticking with 24” monitors for gaming. But it is all what you prefer.
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