AMD Radeon 7870 driver problem

Hello, when I update my video card drivers from catalyst 13.9 to the current version; both my monitors blink at the bottom of the screen and become static frequently. The only way to fix it is to revert back with a system restore. Anyway I can fix the issue
Specs: AMD Radeon 7870 HD (gigabyte), i5 3570k @3.4ghz, gigabyte z77 ud3h motherboard.

Also using 2 monitors if that matters.
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  1. did you do a clean install?

    uninstall driver
    run AMD driver cleaner version 1.0 or 1.2 (actual clean up program for amd files and removers all amds registry settings)
    then install newest version
  2. Nope that did not fix it. Uninstalled the entire driver, cleaned the regedit and went through both my hard drives and cleared all amd/ati files. Here is a picture of the issue it only happens for a split second but in games it happens a lot more often.
  3. Well I don't have anything more to offer then really. if its only doing it when upgrading to ver 14 drivers you may just have to stick to 13.9 till the next release to see if it gets fixed. you could also try the latest beta drivers (there could be a change that will fix it) and if there is any glitch in it all you have to do is roll back driver like you've already been doing. Hope you find the fix
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    Hmm, try to install drivers with only one monitor connected.
  5. Sorry for the late response, been very busy lately. Thank you stormworm for the help, the solution worked. At first there was a slight flicker at the bottom so I did a little bit of research and disabled aero-peek. It hasn't flickered since.
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