Exactly how much ram does task manager dedicate when a program or app is set to "High" priority?

The sad old story, a gamer stuck with Intel HD graphics on an otherwise nice machine. ( i5, 8G of ram ). Setting the priority of a program ups the amount of ram dedicated to running said program, but exactly how much are we talkin' here? I haven't found anywhere online that explains this. Most games I enjoy are FAR under spec for my laptop, aside from dedicated video. if someone can show me how to dedicate some of the 4G of ram that seem to just be there for show, I'd be grateful.
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  1. Priority is about CPU usage not RAM, IIRC. It's how it allocates CPU time when there's none free.

    Programs don't use more RAM than they need; they simply don't call the functions that request more memory.

    The GPU usually has the biggest impact. I take it it's a laptop, as you're stuck with it?
  2. I'm trying to dedicate some RAM to video on a laptop, yes. This Intel HD CRAP! is choking my system. i5, 8G of ram, and then this total lack of power in the on board video. Unfortunately, all anyone tells me I can do, online or in person, is to set the priority to high.

    I need a real solution for ram dedication.
  3. The BIOS doesn't allow me to change the value. Hence my need for dedication of system ram.
  4. More VRAM isn't going to solve your problems. It's rarely a bottleneck; most likely it's just sheer lack of processing power.

    I believe Intel XTU can increase the thermal limits and clocks on your CPU/iGPU, which might help a little.
  5. In a 2.67Ghz i5? Not likely. Trust in that I know what I'm talking about and only need info regarding dedicating ram to video memory. The bottelneck is in the Video Ram. It only has 128mb onboard. I need to up this. I understand that ram dedicated to video runs slower than the ram specifically dedicated on the video chipset. However, I also has been told that dedicating enough ram will make up for this.

    If I could dedicate 2G of ram, I'd be set.
  6. Which i5? Most likely you're just short of GPU cores.

    You can turn up the thermal headrooms on Haswell mobile chips - done it before.
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