Intel i5 4570S or 4570

Hi, I bought a custom built computer with an i5 4750S, Gigabyte Geforce GTX 760 2GB OC and 8GB RAM. The S stands there for the power saving right? Will there be a big difference in gaming if I buy a 4570?
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    No almost no difference. They both have the same turbo speed of 3.6ghz.
  2. This is a dummy question but how to I switch to the turbo? Something in the BIOS? Its default clock speed is 2.9Ghz.
  3. It should automatically turbo to 3.6GHz when the situation requires it.

    But an option should be present in the BIOS as you said.
  4. Some motherboards' default turbo setting is "disabled" and you have to select "enabled" but other than that it happens automatically when needed
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