Asus Sabertooth Z87 vs MSI Z87-G45 Gaming

This motherboard:
vs this one:

This is my build:

My question is, is getting the asus sabertooth worth it / needed for this build? Or will the msi motherboard suffice? The sabertooth costs more, and I don't really want to spend more money than i've already done on my build, but if it's actually worth it then I will. I'm gaming, obviously, high-end games such as crysis 3, ac black flag and bf4. Is the sabertooth worth it or should I just stick with the less pricier MSI motherboard? Solution will be picked, thank you for answering :)
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    You may want to consider the newer Z97 versions if you are buying a brand new board, but that's a different thing

    You should be perfectly fine with both, it's more a question of features and which brand you prefer. But you don't need the 5 year warranty and thermal armor that comes with the sabertooth (and some other ASUS related stuff). Some don't like MSI for motherboards, personally I don't have the experience to make judgments. I have seen many others that are perfectly fine with the boards. Right now I have the Z87 Sabertooth and it works great, so I can personally say it's a great board and nice for a first time builder
  2. The MSI G45 is more than capable of working well in that build.
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