Xbox One or MSI GTX 780?

I've got the money for one or the other and I just wanted some peer opinions.
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  1. 780 > ps4 > xbox one
  2. It depends, what's your current system and what type of games do you like?
  3. Okay, thanks I guess but why is that your verdict if I may ask?
  4. assuming your pc is strong enough to push a 780, simply, a 780 is by far a more powerful piece of hardware.

    most games for xbox one get released on pc anyway. run better and look nicer on pc. if gaming with a controller is your thing just pick up a xbox 360 pc controller.
  5. I really like FPS's and multi-player games such as cod and such and right now I have an AMD FX 8350 and an amd Radeon 7870
  6. the 780 is a better way investment if you ask me. XBO does not have very good hardware and has trouble playing games like Titanfall. The next gen consoles are not very impressive when it comes to performance IMO.

    Unless there are some XBO exclusive titles you are looking forward to like Halo ect.
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    ultimately it is up to you but i find fps gaming much better on pc. i find all gaming better on pc tbh but that is me
  8. Alright thanks guys!
  9. Xbox One uses an AMD 7790 (a low-end card). The 780 is many times more powerful. The next gen hardware will have a hard time running modern games beyond 30 fps.
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