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Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.66GHz

Is this a good enough CPU for gaming(mostly cause of my kids) and for surfing and perfomance w/o lagging pc and staff like that?
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  1. It is an old model, and may prove to be a little slow for modern use.
  2. It's old. It came out almost six years ago (3rd quarter of 2008). It most likely uses DDR2 RAM (memory). It should be OK for gaming, possibly not for the latest games, I'm not sure. Most of your gaming is going to be dependent on what graphics or video card you use.
  3. Well at least i hope it can be a good for perfomance?I mean fast boot,fast open browser of internet...bla bla bla
  4. mbreslin1954 said:
    It's old. It came out almost six years ago (3rd quarter of 2008). It most likely uses DDR2 RAM (memory). It should be OK for gaming, possibly not for the latest games, I'm not sure. Most of your gaming is going to be dependent on what graphics or video card you use.

    Well i have a Gigabyte Technology motheboard and model G41MT-D3V...It will be ok?
  5. The Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 is not the best processor out there, but for your socket (Intel 775), it's one of the best. Don't get me wrong, it's still a strong processor, and performs similar to an Intel Core i3-2100 (the Q9400 is better than my current Sandy Bridge Pentium.)

    So for general use and even for gaming, the Q9400 is a great processor and should last you some time. However don't rely solely on your CPU for a performance upgrade. For gaming you'd want a graphics card too, depending on what games your children play. If it's simply 2D web-based/browser/Flash games, then you won't need a graphics card; but if it's something graphically intensive such as 3D games, then you'll need a graphics card. Feel free to list what games your children will be playing, and I'll advise if a GPU is necessary.

    Also as mentioned, CPU isn't the only way to improve performance, as you most likely know. You could look at your RAM, and even replace your hard drive with a Solid State Drive (SSD). I recently installed a SSD into my father's laptop, and boot up times have been reduced by over 20 seconds, and software such as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word open in seconds. If you want software to open "fast," don't rely on your CPU alone, you should invest in a SSD. Having a decent processor also will play a part however, and the Q9400 is more than decent.

    I hope I have assisted, and if you still have more questions, please let us know.

    All the best. :)
  6. System Information

    Time of this report: 6/1/2014, 00:40:30
    Machine name: THANOZ-PC
    Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 32-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_gdr.130318-1532)
    Language: Greek (Regional Setting: Greek)
    System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
    System Model: G41MT-D3V
    BIOS: Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz (2 CPUs), ~1.9GHz
    Memory: 4096MB RAM
    Available OS Memory: 3326MB RAM
    Page File: 1737MB used, 4913MB available
    Windows Dir: C:\Windows
    DirectX Version: DirectX 11
    DX Setup Parameters: Not found
    User DPI Setting: Using System DPI
    System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
    DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
    DxDiag Version: 6.01.7600.16385 32bit Unicode

    Display Devices

    Card name: AMD Radeon HD 6570
    Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    Chip type: AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x6759)
    DAC type: Internal DAC(400MHz)
    Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6759&SUBSYS_E193174B&REV_00
    Display Memory: 3447 MB
    Dedicated Memory: 2040 MB
    Shared Memory: 1407 MB
    Current Mode: 1280 x 1024 (32 bit) (60Hz)
    Monitor Name: Οθόνη PnP γενικής χρήσης
    Monitor Model: SyncMaster
    Monitor Id: SAM011E
    Native Mode: 1280 x 1024(p) (60.020Hz)
    Output Type: HD15

    Hard Drive: Hitachi GST Deskstar T7K500 HDT725025VLA380 (0A33423) 500GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Hard Drive Bare Drive

    This is my current pc system...The only low i see at this system is the CPU...For example i updated my card graphic card and they can play properly the League of Legends(the play this mostly)but they dont have a good FPS at GTA IV...The game "lags"...I mean the monitor is slow like playing with 5-10 max FPS but at League of Legends they play they have stable 35-40 fps and they dont lag at all...That's what i want mostly to fix for them...To have a stable pc system so they can play most of the FPS games...
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    Thank you for posting your current system specifications, and the games your children desire to play. Looking at the specifications, your current CPU is bottlenecking your system. Upgrading your CPU to a Q9400 should allow your children to play GTA IV at the mid-high graphical setting with at least 30 FPS.

    You will definitely benefit with the Q9400. Your current E6300 is weak. League of Legends as you mentioned should play all on high-settings at the moment no problem, as it only requires a Pentium 4; but for GTA IV, you should purchase the Q9400.

    Also one thing to note, perhaps you could install a 64-bit OS to utilise your 4GB RAM? Then again however, 64-bit requires more RAM, so it's completely your choice.

    To conclude, you should definitely install the Q9400 and remove your system's bottleneck.

    All the best. :)
  8. I realy wana say a big thnks guys...A guy like me wana make his kids happy at all ways...By playing good enough the latests games they are coming up is 1 of them...I really wana thnks u even the 1st answer made me regret the fact i bought that CPU...Thnks again Obnoxious...Really appreciate the help u gave me...Good night(from Greece ofc ) and happy holidays for the Summer...Thnks again and all the best :)
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