Pc boots into bios and when i exit it just goes to a black screen and nothing happens?? help??

hello so today i was playing arma dayz and my friend unplugged my monitor and so i got angry and stood up very quickly and accidentally pushed/kicked the front of my pc, i shut down the system straight away to prevent my self from dying in the game, so plugged every thing back in and was trying to turn every thing on but no good i tried over and over again... nothing so i went into the bios
and checked every thing the booting option sees my ssd with windows 7 on it but still doesn't boot the graphics card works cpu, ram the whole case lights up and works normally i cannot determine the problem (the computer works and responds fine in the bios but when i exit just a black screen)
yes i have unplugged my ssd and tried to turn it on to see if it would detect that it was missing and it did so i plugged it back in. Please Please help!!!!!!!!!! THNAKS!!!!!
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  1. does it have integrated gpu you can use?
  2. rgd1101 said:
    does it have integrated gpu you can use?

    i do not know unfortunately i think it might, does an i 7 have integrated graphics?
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